AutoCross RIR, VA

1st in class 6th overall


T-Rally Racing Team is always willing to talk to your company or organization about the benefit of sponsorship with our help you can reach  a very hard to market to group:

  • 57% of fans are between 16 and 34
  • 84% have education above high school
  • 76% Use a smart phone daily
  • 91% of fans feel that sponsorship helps Rally Racing
  • 84% of Rally Fans are willing to visit a sponsor booth

Select 2014 Sponsorships are still available, and we are looking for 2015 partners for the Rally America Series.

For more information or to apply for sponsoring opportunities please contact Dani Tarabay, Director of Marketing & Media Relations at Dani@T-Rally.com

World Class Rally Racing

May 24 & 25

Jefferson Circuit, WV

1st in Class

15 of 61 total cars

June 28 & 29

Pagoda Hillclimb, PA

1st in Class

7th of 97 total cars

The Driver: Houssam Tarabay

  • Racing Professionally since 2004
  • Rally Champion in 2007, 2008, 2009
  • Holds Multiple "Track Speed Records" set during car testing in 2014
  • Placed Frist in both races of 2014
  • Owner & Founder of T-Rally Racing

The Car: 2006 MitsuBishi evo 9

  • Fully Built by T-Rally Racing
  • Built to FIA Guidelines

Race Results

May 23-24/2015

SummitPoint, WV

1st in Class new class record

T-Rally Racing Team

2017 Calendar

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